Automatic Train Protection System

TINEX have developed a modular Automatic Train Protection, Hugin Cab Signal System (HCSS). The system can be installed and adapted to customer’s requirements. ATP is a train safety system for identifying and reacting to potential hazardous conditions.

Onboard Equipment: – AN2001

  • Cab-Signal – AN2010L
  • Break control unit, RCU – AN2015-2
  • Power Supply – AN2092
  • Sensor Control Unit – AN2096I
  • Display – AN2070
  • Cab Signal external interface – AN2085
  • Brake control unit external interface – AN2086
  • Pick-up Coils – AN2075

Track Side Equipment

  • Track coding device – AN2020

Universal Test Equipment

  • Test Code Generator – AN3010
  • Transmit coils for AN3010 – AN3015


  • Receive Speed Code from Track Circuit
  • Present Accepted Speed to Driver
  • Enforce Track Speed Limits


  • Adaptable to most General Rolling Stock Systems
  • Small Size
  • Easy Place able
  • Diversity
  • Reliable and Robust
  • Approved by Norwegian Authority


  • Failsafe
  • No software in Safety Functions
  • Built on up-to-date Component
  • Pick up Coils for any Environment (sulfur, salt & humidity etc.)

Possible other user areas

  • Extended Security for Areas with Special Speed Limit
  • Curves
  • Crossings
  • Station Areas
  • Areas under Construction
  • Fixed and Temporary Installations


TINEX has delivered our system to Sporveiene og Trikken for SL95 and the service vehicles in Norway.

For more information, contact Sales@tinex.no